What is Art Therapy

Art therapy is mental health profession that combines psychotherapeutic theories with the visual arts. It has developed unique client-centered approaches in which art is not only used as a diagnostic tool. Art and the creative process are mediums through which clients resolve conflicts, address emotional issues that might be distressing and confusing, develop interpersonal skills, increase self-awareness and achieve insight.

Art Therapy is a form of psychotherapy that uses art media and the creative process as its primary mode of expression and communication.

Art Therapists work with all age groups with a wide range of difficulties. Art therapy can be accessible to clients with a range of disabilities and diagnoses. These may include learning or physical disabilities, emotional, behavioral or mental health issues, life-limiting conditions, neurological conditions or physical illnesses.

Art therapy can be provided in groups, couples, families or individually, depending on the client’s needs. No previous experience or skill in art is necessary. It should not be confused with art lessons or a recreational activity although art therapy sessions can be creative, playful and enjoyable.

Art therapy can be used to emotionally to support children, young people, adults and the elderly at difficult times. It can also mediate preventively in substance abuse, in reducing stress, in supporting self-esteem and in enhancing ones well-being.