Support The Effort for the Establishment of the European Art Therapy Federation (EFAT)

The European Art Therapy Federation (EFAT) Working Group has been working hard on the establishment of the federation and is excited to announce that the statutes are ready for review by the notary. Now we need your support to be able to establish a functioning European Federation for Art Therapy (EFAT) by the time of our next meeting in May!

EFAT will be registered by royal decree in Brussels, Belgium under the prestigious status of an International Non-Profit Association (Association internationale sans but lucratif, Aisbl). This offers administrative advantages, in addition to having a domicile in the heart of the capital of political Europe.

The notarial deed, the legal registration process and the publication in the official Belgian gazette, however, is likely to cost in excess of 1800 € (probably due by the end of January).

These fees can partly be covered by the current amount in NEAT’s bank account. However, in order to gather the remaining portion of the necessary funds for the establishment of the Federation, we need your help:
Can you afford 25 € or 50 € to become an EFAT supporter?

Either you can offer this as a donation or buy a voucher which can be used in exchange for or deducted from membership or conference fees once EFAT has become operational*.

Two different amounts are available:

25 €

50 €

You may purchase as many times as you like by paying the respective amount to NEAT’s bank
account by bank transfer:

Account owner: NEAT

IBAN: BE84 6511 5701 9259


Please mention:
full name, “Donation EFAT”
numbers of “EFAT Voucher 25” and/or
“EFAT Voucher 50”, and your Email-address!
(for sending the voucher!)

Your name will be printed on the voucher(s) together with a serial number, and sent to you by email.

Associations and/or other organizations may opt to sponsor the creation of the Federation with a donation (minimum 50 €) against display of their logo on the future EFAT website.

A separate message will be sent to AT associations across Europe.

Please also inform colleagues in your country who might be interested in supporting this initiative
(e.g. by forwarding this information).

Attached please find the EFAT statutes in three different versions:
English & Dutch, English & French and English & German.

NEAT – Network of European Art Therapists

*Vouchers should not be mistaken for a claim to automatic full membership. The membership category which you will eventually be granted, will ultimately depend on the fulfillment of the respective membership criteria. NEAT members will be involved in the definition of these criteria as well as in the definition of membership fees!

EN-DE EFAT statutes EN-FR EFAT statutes EN-NL EFAT statutes

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